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Welcome to our organization! You can communicate with us in English.

Benvenite a nostre organisation! Vos pote communicar con nos in Interlingua & Esperanto.

Bienvenidos! Se habla Espanol.

Bienvenue! Nous parlons Francais.


You can start looking at New Civilization in any order that you like, but you might find that the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) web page link below is a good place to begin.

INTRODUCTION For a look at some historical (somewhat out of date but still relevant) introductory web pages, please see our quasi-home page at

To send us an email message please address to:

FAQ Please see our FAQ (Frequently Asked and Unasked Questions) page at FAQ

TECH SUPPORTTo get information on our "Tech Support", please click here: "Tech Support"

HEALTH IN THE NEW CIVILIZATION to get some information about how you may be able to improve your health in the New Civilization, click here: Your health

NEW CIVILIZATION PERSON To view our web page concerning the development of the NEW CIVILIZATION PERSON, go to New Civ Person Development

ON-LINE ORGANIC FOOD CO-OP To view our web page concerning our ON-LINE ORGANIC FOOD CO-OP, go to On-line Organic Food Co-op

STAFF REPORT Our September-December, 1997 Staff/Progress Report can be seen at Report-September-December 1997 To view our web page that contains our September-October 1996 Staff Report, please go to Sept.-Oct, 1996 Staff Report Our November-December, 1996 Staff Report can be seen by clicking here: November/December 1996 Report

The January/February, 1997 Staff Report is viewed by clicking here Staff Report/Jan/Feb 97

The March-May, 1997 New Civilization Staff report can be read by clicking here March-May 97 Staff Report

The June-September, 1997 New Civ Progress/Staff Report is at June-September 1997 Progress Report

OUR BEAUTIFUL LAND To see some COLOR PHOTOS OF OUR DONATED WILDERNESS LAND ( 9-1/2 acres, or about 3 hectares) in the beautiful Ojai area one hour north of Los Angeles (Encino), please go to New Civ Wilderness Preserve TO SEE SOME INFORMATION ABOUT OUR MODEL ENERGY-EFFICIENT HOUSE PLANS please go to House Plans

The SITE PLAN and vicinity map of the land can be seen at Site Plan

TIME MONEY To see the latest Time Money Accounts Summary for August 16-December 31, 1997 click here: December 31, 1997. To see our Time Money Account Summary for June 1-August 15, 1997 click here: August 15, 1997 Accounts

To see our Time Money Account Summary through May 31, 1997 click here May 31 1997 Accounts To see our February 21, 1997 NEW CIV TIME MONEY ACCOUNTS SUMMARY please click here: Time Money Accounts Summary To see our December 1996 NEW CIV TIME MONEY ACCOUNTS SUMMARY, please go to Time Money Accounts Summary

COMMUNITY MODEL: To see a summary of a text model of a balanced New Civilization community, please click here: Community Model

Thanks for your interest in helping us continue to build a very much more intelligent world!

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3. Super Deluxe (we're even thinking about this one)


We're not kidding. We really are operating a New Civilization, and have been doing so since early in 1994. This is a serious program being performed by a small number of dedicated persons at the grassroots in various parts of the USA and abroad. WHY NOT JOIN US? WE PROMISE THAT YOU WON'T BE BORED! As part of our all-volunteer team, you can make the New Civilization to fit your order. And you can make your life a lot more interesting, as well as be of real service to many people in the near and far future.

Our "New Civ" non-profit, public-benefit, educational corporation is working to create highly advanced and much more intelligent and loving societies. The foundation of this "improved civilization" is ordinary people who volunteer their time to work, learn, and build in a self- help mode for Time Money credits. One hour of work earns the volunteer one Time Money credit. These Time Money credits will eventually be used to buy from our own organization most if not all the things that persons need to live sensibly in a sustainable world.

Right now, we are selling for Time Money credits: organically grown oat flakes, raisins, teas, fresh organic fruit and vegetables (as available), and a few seeds and tubers; publications of various types; think-tank services; a storage service for the homeless; holistic information on health and other key areas; correspondence courses, seminars and discussion groups by mail and the Internet; e-mail and World Wide Web training; a low-cost/low-impact "World-Wide Eco-House" design; tours of our donated 9-1/2 acre wilderness preserve and eventual Eco-Demonstration Center in the Ojai Valley (one hour north of Encino, California, USA); and much more to come.

You can work with us by mail, e-mail, phone, in person, or any combination you like. Just a few minutes each month is enough to get you involved. You can be located anywhere in the world and be part of our team.

And it's fun too. We learn from each other as we build friendships and create a greatly improved way of life for ourselves and eventually many others.

So please contact us by writing to New Civilization, P. O. Box 260433, Encino, CA 91316, USA

Or call our Voice Mail at 818-725-3775.

Or send us a message via e-mail at

We'd love to have you with us. We need your unique point of view!