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MemberPaul Daniele
TitleA Complete Guide to Modern Mediumship
Description The study of parapsychology and spirit phenomena are rapidly gaining in repute in leading universities and has commanded the attention of respected scientists and researchers in many countries, as well as the increasing interest of the general public. The College of Metaphysical Studies has published A Complete Guide To Modern Mediumship. It is meant to be a definitive, educational text and training course on "how to practice spirit mediumship." Without masking our conviction that these phenomena do exist, we attempt to show another side of the coin: the frauds that can be practiced, the legitimate doubts that can be raised. It is with both insight and
restraint that we make out a compelling and rational case for spirit mediumship and
communication a case built on a foundation of unimpeachable testimony. The result
will astound many, and no doubt disturb some.  
PublisherThe College of Metaphysical Studies 

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