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TitleKOLINAR--The Rock'n'Roll State of Mind
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Kolinar---The Rock'n'Roll State of Mind. Enlightenment for Party Animals! Enjoy the thrill and prestige of Hyper-Awareness, without giving up the fast cars, hot guitars, or wild parties.

Blast off with Kolinar!
Nothing you have ever done in life so far has adequately prepared you for what you are about to experience. The Rock'n'Roll State of Mind is finally here! That's right! We're here! We've arrived! HooooRaaaaaayyyyy!

YOUR journey to the exaulted State of Kolinar begins with this book. Designed with you---the party animal---in mind, each chapter is short, to match your attention span, and has no correlation with the other chapters, to avoid taxing your memory.

The result? An experience totally centered on the Present; the Now; the ever-unfolding transplendent Moment, that is your own personal doorway to all-encompassing magnificence.

A trendy, trashy, transcendental tome!
Rock'n'roll metaphysics? Brilliant! Finally a book I can share with my wayward friends that is fresh, hip and fun. If your hippie sensibilities have been dormant, this book is your wake-up call. Terse, hard-hitting, and full of unbridled levity, this light and fun adventure book sets a new standard for crazy wisdom in America. Don't miss this literary tour de force of mindless mayhem and outrageous spontaneity!

PublisherBayshore Enterprises, Inc. 

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