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TitleAchieving Peace, A New Paradigm(Part 2):
DescriptionIn  Achieving Peace (Part 1), an expanded, more inclusive, definition of Peace was developed.  The proposition was made that war and conflict are not  "natural/normal"  human biological behaviors--to the contrary, humanity's fabulous successes have occured (despite war and conflict), because of its "natural" biological qualities of altruism and the capacity for cooperation.

In Part 2, the argument is made that the root cause, the very foundation of war, greed, conflict and dis-ease is:   humanity's ancient and mistaken view that scarcity is Nature's plan and design--and  this view that there "is not enough to go around" has created both a basic sense of insecurity, and, techniques, methods and systems for dealing with that insecurity, e.g., war, competition (for resources), political, social and economic hierarchies.  
PublisherTetworld Center for Peace and Global Gaming 

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