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MemberZen Benefiel
TitleThe Vision
DescriptionIt does seem that there are many coming together for something I could only say is nothing short of a galactic family reunion. We are all taking the stage with purposeful direction, aligning for harmony among people and planet... UNITY. The New World Order of preconception is being shifted just a bit. We've started a series of gatherings here in Phoenix called Mission: Earth Dance (under events & stuff on the site) to connect people with purpose. Our goal... to facilitate the building of Genesis, a model community that synergizes psychospiritual and scientific technologies through educational pursuits, truly raising the children with the help of the village.(see 'genesis vision' under Who?) Just maybe we've happened upon a great wonder.. and a design that will allow other dimensional integration as well. The design is also easily duplicable in any location, allowing forthcoming discoveries to be shared and implemented appropriately. 

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