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MemberDorri Jacobs
TitleCHANGE; How to Live With, Manage, Create and Enjoy It
DescriptionA practical guide for living and working to-day, explains how to cope with change and become the architect of your own future. Dorri Jacobs translates her popular workshop into a down-to-earth, upbeat, user-friendly book that gives you the perspective, language and tools to regain control and create the life you want. Here are her proven techniques, accumulated wisdom and spiritual approach to life, helpful anecdotes, exercises, suggestions, questions, charts and diagrams. Youíll feel the authorís presence, applauding your progress, comforting, easing the way, giving you courage, gently guiding you on the journey. Discover: The 12 Keys To Successful Change, Why Fear Is An Asset, The Value Of Crisis, How to Find Your Own Timing, Adapt to Technology, Handle Job Loss and Career Change, Manage A Move, Prepare For Promotion or a New Boss, Renegotiate Relationships, Overcome Resistance, Deal With Divorce and Death, Speed Recovery After An Accident Or Illness, Care For Aging Parents, Enjoy Retirement. This is a valuable resource for anyone in transition, parents, teachers, managers, career counselors, therapists, crisis centers, college and business courses. 
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