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MemberDorri Jacobs
DescriptionIs life meaningless, without passion or direction? Did years pass while dreams remain unattained? Did you try too hard to please a parent, employer, friend, mate, so youíve lost sight of your own standards? Do you want to be free? You owe it to yourself to stop playing a self-destructive game of follow-the-leader. Regardless of your age, itís time to take the lead in your own life. Dr. Jacobs, drawing on wide experience as a life-work coach, trainer and mediator, offers an innovative program for self-awareness, communication, creativity and change. She shows you how to accept and love yourself, feel emotions deeply, expand your potential, take greater risks, release hidden vitality, be imaginative, have more energy, follow your own rhythm. Learn to re-invent yourself, with new priorities for living fully today and every day. Discover ways to transcend pain and conflict, come to terms with your past, enjoy the present moment, develop a positive, joyous attitude toward life and shape the future you want. This book helps you begin a continuing process of growth and change. The approach is direct and jargon-free, based on a premise that changing and evolving keep you alive, happy. 
OrderingSeeking publisher for new edition 
PublisherPrior edition: Franklin Watts. 

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