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MemberMike Night
TitleKeepers of The Unpopular Truth
DescriptionSynopsis: Insight on the true struggle in teaching the unpopular truth, while slowly revealing what that unpopular truth is.
Dwelling on human behavior and common sense reasoning, this book takes us
into the basis of man's belief system and then discusses the practicality
of Judaism, in how it's ideology relates to the betterment of mankind.
The book reveals details on salvation, righteousness, issues in social sciences,
and even dwells on deeper issues of the bible never before uncovered.
There's even a discussion on the third temple of Jerusalem and what it would mean to society.
It's a book that can't be denied or put down.
From the time the reader is curiously picking up the book
to find out what this truth is about and why it's unpopular,
to the time he realizes what the author is suggesting.
The reader's heart will race till the time they conclude the book,
in shock of realizing what they just read.
They will be in goose bumps, maybe even tears,
but definitely they would have grown all the more wiser
out of reading from this book of unpopular truths.

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