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MemberS. Graham
TitleGod The Astrologer by JEFFREY ARMSTRONG
Description"In his ground breaking work God/Goddess the Astrologer, Jeffrey Armstrong builds a comprehensive foundation for understanding our partly forgotten Indian heritage and does so in a flesh, engaging, witty style that makes the complexities and surprising relationships of Ayurveda and sidereal astrology both easy to understand and entertaining. The reader is rewarded with a series of "Ahas!" moments on every page as Armstrong masterfully reveals the connections between the suppression of ancient science and history with the complexities of karma, reincarnation, astrology, ayurveda, and Indian metaphysics. These fascinating insights also have practical real-life implications; Armstrong offers simple Ayurvedic tools that readers can immediately us to improve their daily success in relationships, health, and spiritual awakening. The author's broad scholarship and crisp exposition is balanced in true Tantric form with his sublime poetry of metaphysical romance, which is necessary to reveal the passionate understanding of a true yogi. It is rare to find a book so stimulating and packed with brilliance, and yet so lucid and enjoyable to read." Avar LaLand 
Year2001 (Visa, M/C, Amex) 
PublisherTorchlight Publishers 1-888-867-2458 

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