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MemberJanet Privett
TitlePower of Love
DescriptionPower of Love is a metaphysical parable, a thrilling adventure that reveals intriguing, well-researched information on the Mayan time travel ritual, reincarnation, and the Atlantis connection between Ancient Civilizations.


POWER OF LOVE delivers an outstanding premise rich in history and an unforgettable pair of lovers. Ms. Privett’s remarkable tale is sure to become a keeper for all time. -Darlene Kendall, Rendezvous Magazine

5 Stars This reviewer closed the book feeling touched, awed and utterly satisfied. I loved it! – Jennifer Leese, Story Weaver Reviews

Wonderful! POWER OF LOVE gets Five Stars and would get more if the scale went higher. A gift to be cherished read and reread. - Crow's Nest

Descriptions vibrate and shimmer with imagery that would do a poet proud. I can't praise this book highly enough! It is wonderful, magnificent, marvelous! – Billie Houston,

Power of Love is a book to treasure. The adventure is enthralling. Highly recommended! - The Ivy Quill

A magical journey full of vivid imagery and delightful characters. The climactic ending sent chills up and down my arms. Don't miss this one folks. - Jill Kosmesky,

PublisherLighthouse Press 

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