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MemberRao Maharaj
DescriptionThis academic work has been created for the benefit of intellectuals, scientists, philosophers and those who wonder about the facts of life. Anyone who is even slightly interested in understanding about the human mind, brain and our consanguinity with the Nature will find it bold, profound and revealing.

This is, perhaps, also beneficial to the science, which has been at odds with spirituality and concepts of intuitive elements all the time. This might also be of some benefits to others who think they know everything but in truth know nothing.

This is not an environmental issue, as it may sound with the mention of the word “Nature”. It is an irony that it has to come at a time when spirituality is more a pompous subject than a conviction.

So many sects have been formed and so much rubbish is thrown around in the name of spirituality that the word has lost its meaning. Every other person who has read a book or two considers himself a Guru. In the East it is a hubbub of conflicting sects and in the West it captures the imaginations of those who wish to escape from the realities of life. Some try to find salvation in symbolic Gods and some create Gods of their own. Some live the life to the extreme and some completely withdraw. Then, there are the intellectual types who conduct spirituality like a confederacy.

We do not blame science not to believe the subliminal side of life; though the scientists are as human as anybody else. This is what has prompted us to present this text on the Internet.

This is probably a faint attempt to bridge the gap between the obvious, modern science and spiritual science. They are not different. They are two sides of the same coin. Spirituality and science seem at opposite to each other but the human life is balanced between the two. We have been long struggling between our faiths and apparent reality. So many religions have been created and so many inventions have taken place in our times.

What this text contains is no theory, gospel or an assumption but an account of true knowledge that dawn in the thoughtless state of the brain. Brain is the Gray Matter that sustains and evolves the human life. It was there when we were not there and it will be there when we are gone. It contains amazing powers and unimaginable secrets.

The way to the brain, however, is neither through science nor spirituality. It is the culmination of both. It is a knowledge that dawns when there is no knowledge.

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