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MemberJohn Ashbaugh
TitleThe Gathering of the Tribes of the Earth
DescriptionAn 88 page poem and a set of 61 drawings.
The evolution of this document goes back to the winter of 77 and 78, when I composed an initial set of 32 drawings and bound them up with a black and white photo of the earth into a little book.
Then I began writing down what the book was about.
Since I have a poetic relationship with language,
that became the source of the description.
I tried a couple of versions, and finally settled
on four cantos of 22 pages each in 1983. Meanwhile, I had been continuing with drawing along the lines of the theme of the initial set of images, and developed a sequence in the nature of a visual poem of the 61 pages which comprise the current and final version. I published 400 copies
of that in 1980. The verse has followed the visual images from the beginning. I published 400 copies of the verse also. Most of those little booklets have been distributed to various locales around the Earth. Now along comes the world wide web, and I get the idea to put this verse and set of images
into cyberspace. I colored the pictures up real nice with Photoshop, and pared the verse down a little. The main idea and sound of the revised version is the same as the earlier one. Just a little variation developed in the sound I prefer, during the course of some 20 years. The pictures don't change, though. Apart from the coloring, the lines are all the same, and there are no additions to the sequence. Just a visual poem of a journey I took with my pencil, the story of an inquiry. 

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