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TitleVisions Unusual
DescriptionNewswire released for the Press in the US.
VOYAGE into the 7th SENSE
Can the human mind and intuition predict the next phase of human evolution?
—Mankind’s amazing advances in technology have made everything possible in the future—from building a satellite weapons system in space to as far as colonizing planet Mars. However in Margo Kirtikar’s Visions Unusual, she writes that the next phase of human development and evolution is not just limited to physical science alone but also lies in expanding the uses and the powers of our mind and intuition.
Kirtikar tracks the history of metaphysics to argue that the sixth and seventh senses—the mind and intuition—are the next frontiers that will bring mankind to a new level of consciousness and interaction.
She states that all of us could gain access to the intricate powers of the mind and intuition that only a few have previously and daringly explored. She offers practical exercises to make metaphysics—the branch of philosophy that attempts to explain reality and knowledge—a part of everyday life.
Visions Unusual delves into the phases of consciousness—individual, group, and global. It distinguishes spirituality from religion, dwells on human interaction with the cosmos and metaphysics, and argues for independent thinking, and mind and intuition development.
Margo Kirtikar’s culturally diverse background and her high level of education in various disciplines make her an authority on the subject. Kirtikar was involved in fashion, real estate, designing, trading and international business before she became a teacher in transpersonal psychology and energy healing in 1990. She has a doctorate in metaphysics and has degrees in business and economics, leadership, management, banking, psychology and Eastern healing techniques. She is also a coach.
Margo, who currently lives in Zurich, is now both a Swiss and US citizen. She is from Syrian and Indian ancestry and was brought up for the first two decades of her life in Iraq, Syria, and India. Her first book You and Change was published in 1995 and she is presently completing her third book Flowing with Universal Laws which is about the human interacting with cosmic energies.
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