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MemberMargo Kirtikar PhD
TitleYou and Change
DescriptionYou and Change is about how to handle yourself and your life in times of change. Coping with our lives and our relationships with the people in our world depends on how successful we are in managing ourselves. It is through self-reflection, self-knowledge and self-acceptance that we are able to manage ourselves. Change is not only an external cause that befalls us. How open we are to communicate with the world depends on how much we like ourselves, how much we understand ourselves and how motivated we are.
We harbor change like a vessel. We are the recipients as well as the motor of change. ‘The universe is sometimes called the big man and human is sometimes known as the small universe.’ This book has been written with a deep enthusiasm for the changes we are currently undergoing and with a strong belief in the power of each individual to contribute to the game between ‘The Big Man’ and the ‘The Small Universe.’ This is a practical handbook on how to refine our human powers as actors and recipients of change as we are experiencing a revolution of the individual.

PublisherPractical Life Philsophy UK 

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