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MemberMargo Kirtikar PhD
TitleFlowing with Universal Laws
DescriptionAbout the Book Flowing with Universal Laws by Margo Kirtikar PhD

Cosmic and Universal Laws are described in Holy Scriptures of all religions, in mythology, in fairy tales, in business success literature and allegories that describe the essence and nature of man. We may know them as simple truths, eternal principles, philosophies for living but when we examine them more closely and experience them we will recognize them as divine laws. Universal laws act as guidelines to define the order and structure of creation. Every form of life and every action that occurs in the universe is governed by universal laws. Universal laws do not discriminate. The same principles work for all alike. The existing power of energy can be asserted in the whole of Cosmos. Matter is not applicable as an independent force, because active energies are needed for manifestation. Energies that propel life are called movers of the essence. In all space there is one pulse known as the Cosmos rhythm and all life depends on the cycles of rhythm of the Cosmos. In all cosmic manifestation we perceive psycho life and the highest perception is accessible only to the one who knows the spiritual world. Psychic energy opens all gates.
The physical mind cannot manifest the knowledge of infinity. It is through the psycho dynamic power of spirit that we are able to contact the higher spheres. Understanding universal laws enables us to review and see why our life is the way it is, where we might have gone wrong and how we can amend things. What we need to understand is that no law activates itself, it is we who activate a law of the universe through our thoughts and our actions, individually and collectively. The law does not operate itself. As we have been given the freedom of choice, we can make right or wrong choices. But we have also been given the freedom to correct our mistakes namely, when we break one law and we repent, we can take an alternative action to put things right by activating another law. Universal Laws act as guidelines to define the order and structure of creation. The human being is the highest manifestation of the Cosmos and is a co-Creator predestined as the builder and collector of all treasures of the universe. The power of creativeness responds to the call of the Spirit and the human determines his own destination in the Cosmos. This book is meant to inspire you, to arouse your curiosity and to prompt your own inner personal dialogue.

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