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MemberRajesh Yadav
TitleThy Anarchical Utopia
DescriptionA axiom by Immanuel Kant, " The best way to predict the future is to invent it " thrusts my persona to write this radical (if at all it is) work of mine. It's a multi-disciplinary research synopsis, based on "Systematics", initiating the blueprint of a intended individualistic revolution based on the Principles of Knowledge Management, Fractal Mathematics & Chaos Sciences, which shall transform everything to perfectionism. Youth has to play a pivotal part in carrying this daring task of humanism, towards a reality & the elderly should motivate & facilitate for the same. Any impediment has to be cleared for attainment of the same objective.

Scientific basis of this mass-movement & its potential applications are elaborated for the future trajectorial path/s ; which was coincidentally found mapped to the most ancient philosophical systems, as learnt during this research.  

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