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MemberRajesh Yadav
TitleUnleashing creative ideas for ' TECHNO-VATION '
DescriptionAims at setting free an uncontrolled conducive environment for all those who are willing to innovate a technology, which is future oriented.

Creative & performing artists, celebrities, opinion leaders & politicians, intellectuals (journalists, jurists & legal experts, academicians & research scholars etc.), technologists (engineers, doctors & scientists) & technocrats, administrators & executives, economists, managers & businessmen and social activists etc. have to contribute in their own capacity for the accomplishment of the said task.

This is exactly how the solitudeal Spiders & colonies of Ants, Bees & Termites work viz. adding ones' faculty, by renewed experimentation & total dedication, in enriching the complete being. The entomologists (insect-scientists) are teaching us how our evolved technology (of more than six thousand years) appears primitive, as compared to the said insects, though howsoever advanced we can claim it to be. The results achieved from the adaptation of those techniques, of the said insects, yielded a great elevation in the efficiency enhancement in mechanics, reduced power consumption & robustness in architectural engineering (especially of sky-scrappers & bridges) etc.

Lets learn the basics of learning from scratch. Creative ideas are a key to it. It's to be exactly being open as a child & inventing a new aspect. 

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