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MemberRajesh Yadav
Title"SCI-NAISSANCE" - the epoch awaiting a take-off
DescriptionScientific Reawakening, is awaiting. We all are born to witness & nourish this era. All of us shall get enthralled in the nectar of neo-rationality. We thus, from now onwards, work towards attainment of total truths. We now understand, after a comparative analysis that we have been living since ages, under the influence of partial truths, in all forms of activities we did in our lives. Now, when we understand everything, we feel complete & at peace.

Thus, ultimately, we attain immortality, as we live in computer-machines (or robots, as Cyborgs, which are emotionally pro-active, as the humans' replicate their brains' bio-chemical backup as a quantumized-digital meme-robotic memory), as humans live forever by using the human cloning techniques (by genomic data neo-applications & DNA codes acting as a source), as nanobots create a new form of neo-industrial revolution - constantly assembling & dissembling for us, any element (atomic particle) leads to the creation of any compound, based on transforming the particles' (atomic) composition.

This surely makes us feel as astonished on ourselves & our existing knowledge, as a primitive tribal can be, seeing the contemporary so-called modern & advanced civilization !  

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