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MemberRajesh Yadav
TitleDeciphering FILIBUSTERING CAMOUFLAGE within self
DescriptionHow many of us are aware of the 'rebel' existing within ourselves? This rebel is born, due to our continuing tiradeous thrust upon him. We coercively want him to accept, all that we wish & always avoid his inner desires. Rather we always go against his basic stand, both, in principle & practically.

He's in a disguise due to our wickedness to kill him. Our body, which was actually his, is made captive to our imperialistic tendencies & so he behaves as if he is fighting an enemy in a foreign land. He launches the staunchest possible attack. Thus, we suffer of pain, time & again, emotionally as well as physically.

Lets befriend this 'rebel' within self, by listening to his cravings, all of which are, as a matter of fact, intended to benefit us, in real terms.  

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