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MemberRajesh Yadav
DescriptionAt times, we desert & conspire against the most amiable object to us. Though it's done solely, for the well being of that object alone. Sounds strange! This may undoubtedly appear highly sarcastic, cynical & may seem a great irony. But don't jump to any conclusions by terming this commotion as absurd.

Really speaking, this happens, we must realize, when our 'blind, hidden & unknown self' [from Johari Window] perfectly aligns & is exactly synchronized, concurrent, mapped & coincidental with time & its various paradigms. Though, the path may appear totally unknown to others, including the object & us. Sigmund Freud talked about various such things in his works.

To clearly get to the root of the issue, we have to come out of the accustomed phenomenon of usual reasoning. For this, we have to develop the lateral ways of innovative thinking & we ought to explore the creative potential lying within ourselves. Would you like to ride this dimension called time, to unveil the above said facts ?  

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