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MemberRajesh Yadav
TitleOur Multi-Sensual Lingua
DescriptionWhat is the most sought after activity by the human race - Sex. Why? Because it merges most of the sensual pleasures (sight, listening, smell, taste & touch) in one activity termed sex, that's composed of : foreplay, copulation & ejecluation. Sex is the best form of gift possessed by mankind.

Can sex alone give the best sensual pleasures to human ? Can it can act as a vital complement, a sole source, in itself, for the real orgasm.

So what's it that one must seek to quench this thirst of the 'real orgasm' ?

As we know various senses possessed by man, are just a tip of the actual iceberg, when compared to other living entities or even electro-mechanical machines.

Hence, man is left with a limited band-frame of these senses. Thus, one must communicate using each of these, as much as possible, both externally & internally. A continual usage of the said organs & the senses they possess viz. sight, listening, smell, taste & touch, will start giving us a pleasure as never experienced before. We shall slowly learn that we can now enhance the usual magnitude of the sensuality we had in past.

A combined use of the same without sex can be done in meditation, which yields comparative, & not contradictive, results.

Both of these data can be best confirmed of their equal results, in absolute terms, by a combined study of brain-biochemistry, neurology, endocrinology, bio-nuclear science (radio emissions & electro-magnetic spectrums of a living creature) etc.

Lets explain this with an illustration : Experiencing an increase in the same pleasures with an experience of painful task, at the same time, during both, either while meditating or at sex, like piercing, burning, freezing, breath-stoppage, being hungry etc. acts as a catalyst. This is because the organs & their associated pleasures are made to adapt to the newer-extra conditions that were previously adverse & unknown to them. Though this is a difficult mechanism & mustn't be tried upon by the beginners.

The anabolic & catabolic metabolism of the human body undergoes a drastic change & so does the genetic composition, neural biochemistry & endocrine system. We see how the mix of multi-sensual tasks (either while meditating or at sex) amplifies our potential pleasures.

Try learning the easier ways of enhancing this multilateral mode of sensual reception. Once we attain mastery over receiving this stimuli, we can use the same sensual modus operandi, in a reverse manner, without any stimulus, by actually abstaining & rather indefinitely suspending the same faculties externally & exponentially increasing the internal analytical faculties of communication associated with the said senses.

Afterall, it's the "multi-sensual lingua" that gives us the eternal orgasm - the peace.  

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