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MemberRajesh Yadav
Descriptionmy introduction

" I am a willing anarchist by tenacity, firm believer in epistemology, romanticism & altruistry,
belonging to the quintessancial
family of humanistic fraternity
& a student in the premises of
my alma-mater viz. world;
am iconoclastically inquisitive
to avidly attain knowledge,
sanguinely yearning,
to gregariously imbibe, in our youth,
the ardent culture of
aesthetics, rhythm & sportsmanship
& loquaciously promulgate
& enshower the ameliorate-ish cult of
science, logic & rationality,
for paragonic quixotry
& rectitudeous pragmatism.
Let's together, propagate, individualism.
Do you, for this Sci-naissance,
dare to accompany me ? "

my ideology

" Establishment (Sthapana) of Duty (Dharma), Knowledge (Gyana) & Love / Devotion (Prema / Bhakti) in Universe (Bhrahmanda), is the sole bravery (Virta) & supreme (Parma) justice (Nyaya), which is every Humans' (Manav) action (Karma).

This truth (Statya) persists through all the cycles (Chakra) of Time (Kaala) & all forms of Space / Cosmos (Antriksha) viz. Energy (Urja), Matter (Tatva) & Life (Jivana).

This chaotic stability is peace (Shanti), the eternal orgasm (Charmananda) & the endless (Ananta) altruism.

The said equilibrium (Samya) is the sole panacea (Ram-bana) & final awakening (Jagriti) to yield Utopian zenith of perfection in individualism which is called consciousness (Chetana); it is omnipresent intangibly & fractal tangibly. Those who honestly adapt to & propagate this principle of anarchy with fearlessness (Nirabhayata), evolve beyond infinite dimensions, discreet magnitudes, uncertain probabilities & non-linear paths; those who don't perish within finite loci & limited permutations.

All that exists originated from converged rhythmic point of creativity, all that will expand is diverging, with complete (Sampurna) cohesiveness, along with a multitude of these rays. "

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