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MemberStefan Thiesen
TitleDas Buch der Macht - die Geheimlehren der Jedi Ritter in der Version f
Description(The Book of The Force - secret teaching of the Jedi Knights in the version for Earthlings)

This was a popular attempt to analyse the philosophy of the "Jedi Knights" and casually inspire those who normally are not overly interested in serious topics to have a look at philosophy, environmental issues, ethics etc. Unfortunately George Lucas was not amused and basically threatened me with complete economic anihilation. my suggestion to keep the book on the market and donate all revenues for children in the third world was turned down by this multi billion company...

The book is off the market, but the entire text is still available as part of the documentation "Das verbotene Buch" (the forbidden book), which naturally is is not about the Jedi Knights. The topic is corporate censorship...

All available in German only - info link below in German, ordering link is for "das verbotene Buch" 

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