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TitlePinay Power: Peminist Critical Theory: Theorizing the Filipina/American Experience
DescriptionEdited by Melinda L. de Jesus
464 pages, paper
ISBN 0415949831
Pinay Power: Peminist Critical Theory is a collection of peminist (Filipina American feminist) cultural criticism by and about Filipina/Americans. Featuring essays by scholars and writers in the fields of decolonization, globalization, and transnationalism, this volume brings together for the first time critical work by Pinays of different generations and varying political and personal perspectives to chart the history of the Filipina experience. This collection serves as an antidote to the overly patriarchal and cultural nationalist stance of both Filipino American and Asian American scholarship and is an important corrective to the erasure and invisibility of Filipina American voices. This is an essential collection for scholars and writers concerned with cultural and political activism, particularly in literary, Asian American, and women's studies.

Introduction: "Toward a Peminist Theory, or Theorizing the Filipina/American Experience"
I. Identity and Decolonization
Chapter 1: Leny Mendoza Strobel. "A Personal Story: On Being a Split Filipino Subject"
Chapter 2: Linda M. Pierce. "Not Just My Closet: Exposing Familial, Cultural, and Imperial Skeletons"
Chapter 3: Melinda L. de Jes˙s. "Fictions of Assimilation: Nancy Drew, Cultural Imperialism, and the Filipina/American Experience"
Chapter 4: Rachel A. Bundang. "This Is Not Your Mother's Catholic Church:' When Filipino Catholic Spirituality Meets American Culture"
II. Re/Writing Peminist Sociohistory
Chapter 5: Catherine Ceniza Choy. "Asian American History: Reflections on Imperialism, Immigration, and 'The Body'"
Chapter 6: Rhacel Salazar ParreÒas. "Migrant Filipina Domestic Workers and the International Division of Reproductive Labor"
Chapter 7: Dawn Bohulano Mabalon. "Beauty Queens, Bomber Pilots, and Basketball Players: Second Generation Filipina Americans in Stockton,
California, 1930s to 1950s"
III. Peminist Dis/Engagements with Feminism
Chapter 8: Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales. "Pinayism"
Chapter 9: Frank Samson. "Filipino American Males: Comrades in the Filipina/o American Feminism Movement"
Chapter 10: Delia Aguilar and Karin Aguilar-San Juan. "Feminisms across Our Generations"
IV. Theorizing Desire: Sexuality, Community, and Activism
Chapter 11: Christine T. Lipat, Trinity A. Ordona, Cianna Pamintuan Stewart, and Mary Ann Ubaldo.
Chapter 12: "Tomboy, Dyke, Lezzi and Bi: Filipina Lesbian and Bisexual Women Speak Out" ta"
Chapter 13: Trinity A. Ordona. "The Long Road Ahead"
V. Talking Back: Peminist Interventions in Cyberspace and the Academy
Chapter 14: Perla Paredes Daly. "Creating and the Rise of Cyber Pinays"
Chapter 15: Emily Noelle Ignacio. "'Ain't I a Filipino (Woman)?': An Analysis of Authorship/Authority through the Construction of Filipino/
Filipina on the Net"
Chapter 16: Melinda L. de Jes˙s. "'A walkin' fo' de (Rice)kake': A Filipina-American Feminist's Adventures in Academia or A Pinay's Progress"
Chapter 17: Michelle R. Watts. "Not White Enough, Not Pilipino Enough: A Young Mestiza'sJourney"
VI. Peminist Cultural Production
Chapter 18: Victoria Alba."Sino Ka? Ano Ka?': Contemporary Art by Eight Filipina American Artists"
Chapter 19: Celine ParreÒas Shimizu. "Theory in/of Practice: Filipina American Feminist Filmmaking"
Chapter 20: Gigi Ot·lvaros-Hormillosa. "Resisting Appropriation and Assimilation via (a)eromestiza Consciousness and Performance Art Practice"
Chapter 21: Sabrina Margarita Alc·ntara-Tan. "The Herstory of Bamboo Girl 'Zine"
Chapter 22: Marie-Therese Sulit. "Through Our Pinay Writings: Narrating Trauma, Embodying Recovery"
Chapter 23: Neferti Xina M. Tadiar. "Filipinas: 'Living in a Time of War'" 

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