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MemberDurlabh Singh
TitleChrome Red.
DescriptionCollected Poems by Durlabh Singh (ISBN 18998030464 )

Verse from the book.


Under the southern skies
You were reluctant to touch
For fear of anchored storm
In still stalked frozen seas
And you were afraid to enfold
A pungent beauty in your arms.

Counting the out breaths into
Leafed wind in dunes of sand
A few skeletons under the trees
Extending marrows in finite land.

Under the southern skies
Staggered promise for clenched pain
Expecting a smile at the very ledge
For a felicity dappled in crimson dawn.

Ordering61 Gainsborough Road, Felixstowe 1P11 7HS , England 
Publisheruthor Publishing Ltd. 

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