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Titlewhat is other then war or freedom what plays the roll
DescriptionI can really describe between the battle of peace and war, and why that peace is in the picture it is defined like the ploitics of war and every buddy in the world thinks some one can slove it by fighting.
in every country there is poverty,the lack of human rights. the lack of health care human trafficing using women for sex. using politics to cuz a war.
using oil to defend a country. using saddam hussine
for a patsy for for President Georges War to defend freedom using his ploitcal freedom to use the American Military to fight insurgents going against the war powers act to stage a war with Iraq. to use Iraq as a battle ground for America's idoligy.having her captives
using Jill Carrol's testomony against her will what she had to say About the American government
I can imangen that Jill will never hear the end what she was told to do by her captives. and the American press with make a big issue about what was said or misleading what other jouanalist wants to publish of her captivity as a ploitical prisoner of not her choice.

can you imangen how desprate that others are trying to do for those who don't a democratic government wud be more not for Islam but for is a political freedom that the us as a government and its allies who are fighting in think's terrorisum as I say politics plays a lot in one's war.
what is the balance here what are we proving what is Iraq going to get from it as it's own government. how will they solve there process with the fractions that has been turning on each other since Christ walked the earth. can the form of another government be better then the one that was there when saddam Huessine form his own. poverty in each form of government will always be there and health care and politics will always be a issue.

is there any other way we can stop fighting is there any other way can we solve war with out it's ploitics. POLITICS can we have peace can we make bridges can one country stop invading one's right to be in another country with out using force to make a war. can one stop converting one's religion. can we all be free with out forcing one's" freedom.

to be a gray zone.can we help feed the hungry
with out shpping weapons to help another country
to kill the other ppl. Can we make the world a better place to live with out the children being afraid to step on land mines. can we use humanity
to help others.

Edward D. Church
Maine Peace Directer
PublisherMaine Peace Directer Edward Church 

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