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MemberAndras Nagy
TitleThe Evidence of God's Existence: As Explained in the Teaching of Agni Yoga
Description“If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent Him” Voltaire The original title of this book was “Why does not God Heal the Amputees?” In this 3rd edition we have decided to change the title to a more provocative title. See the "proof" in Q2:13. Ultimately the book is written to everyone who is seeking to find the Truth with special emphasis to the agnostic/atheist crowd who think the only kind of God can be denied is the western, anthropomorphic, personal god. Of course there is no proof or conclusive way to show the existence of a higher power other than attempting to show a different eastern concept of god. This book wants to share the eastern view with no uncertain terms and paint a true view of the eastern mind. Clearly, to some people, god has been "on vacation" and does not answer prayers. This book attempts to answer some of these questions, it requires an open mind and an open heart, and if this condition is met it will open your horizons and expand your consciousness.

PublisherMurine Press 

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