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MemberKyrre Gram Franck
TitleThe worlddrum project
DescriptionOur aim is to bring attention to the critical situation for Mother Earth –
The web of life is coming undone and will bring catastrophic consequences.
From Whitecougar's vision and participation between several people,
The World Drum has been created (by Birger Mikkelsen),
and sent on a journey to participate in worldwide ceremonies.

Our Goals
We aim to wake people from their lethargy and indifference.
We demand ACTION from our Governments and politicians instead nice, but empty, phrases.
We have to make drastic actions to reduce and stop pollution and poisoning.
We need a bountiful harvesting of resources, today we “shit in our own nest” and ruthlessly exploit all of natures resources.
Scientific facts, signs and tendencies in nature are all pointing to an accelerating catastrophe.

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