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MemberLaurence Cumbie
TitleLegend Platform: Mainspring MIndshares
DescriptionThis originally was designed as a branding blueprint (mind map) for my new company. As it was being written it occurred to me this could also serve as a useful tool for personal growth.

It needs more refinement - recently I've been entertaining the idea of including the words "coerce" (influence, persuade) and "neuroses" (emotional damage or negative baggage) as thoughts and actions to scrupulously avoid - as my goal is to reduce the number of words necessary to the task of defining the ways I want to positively re-purpose my life in a virtual reality... like with online publishing and marketing.

But the thought arises: Would this be entirely honest? Or even necessary?

Free to re-purpose for personal use

Contact me if you would like to discuss how creating your own Legend Platform might be useful for you and your own relationships in the world. 
PublisherMainspring Mindshares, LLC 

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