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MemberCraig Lang
TitleThe Cosmic Bridge, Close Encounters and Human Destiny
DescriptionWhat is UFO Abduction? Who are our visitors from the sky? What is our relatinship with them? These questions, The Cosmic Bridge tackles head on.

The Cosmic Bridge examines the evolving relationship between human beings and the Visitors. It explores the human impact of UFO abduction, both for the individual and for humanity as a whole. It then expands scope to ask why the Visitors may be here. The results are both definitive and thought provoking.

"Bridge" Assumes that you know a little bit about alien abduction. It is not a "first book" on abduction. For that, I recommend reading books by John Mack, Budd Hopkins and Whitley Strieber.

Then, read The Cosmic Bridge for a unique perspective on our growing and evolving relationship with our Visitors from the sky - our Cosmic Bridge. 
PublisherLulu, Inc 

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