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MemberPeter Koll
TitleFuture without War - Theory of Global Healing
DescriptionIn his book "Future without War" Dieter Duhm outlines a global peace strategy. It is based on the idea of modern natural science that the building component of matter is not the atom, instead it is energy, frequency, information.
Earth with its atmosphere and its magnetic field, with its waters and landscapes, with its creatures, biotopes and human societies is an integral, oscillating and living body that can be healed, just as a human body can be healed if the appropriate medicine i.e. the appropriate information is administered. The healing information is wanted most at the points where new wars are created daily : in the cohabitation of human beings.
ISBN 978-3-927266-24-7
120 pages, Pb, 12,80 €, 16,80 US-$,  
PublisherVerlag Meiga 

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