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MemberBoris Petrovic
TitleThe problem of increasing human energy
Description...The Earth's magnetic field acts as a cocoon for the spirit-matter transfer of the Anima Mundi. The Eart’s north and south magnetic poles are dual manifestations of the brain of Anima Mundi. The Earth as a collective being is open to the Solar wind with it's magnetic eye. The Solar wind is the blood of the Solar system collective being, and is the fuel to the functioning of Anima Mundi.

The Earth’s magnetosphere magnetic reconnection and it's perpetual inversion acts as a receiver of this soul-matter transfer. All embodied souls have passed through the gates of the heart of the Anima Mundi – Earth’s magnetic reconnection. Harmonic oscillation of the magnetic reconnection is the essence of Earth’s movement (macrocosmos) and spin (microcosmos)...


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