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MemberJean Henderson
TitleFractured Reality
DescriptionTwo years ago, Jeanne Henderson was at one of those proverbial crossroads in life. Having experienced failures in love, finances, career and basically all areas of life something needed to change. This first time author explores how we individually and collectively create our current realities and situations in life.
Armed with statistics on growing discontent around the world, failed businesses, foreclosures, poverty, and unemployment she started to look for answers. She found the answers were not what she thought. The startling truth of who we have become prompted the writing of the book.
Her goal was to find out how and why we experience what we do. This book is a controversial expose of her life and what she came to realize through her struggles. Jeanne then began to examine what we as a society have been creating. A quote from Orville Wright states, “If we all worked on the assumption that what is accepted as true were really true, there would be little hope for advance.” Advancement and dream fulfillment can be obtained. According to Jeanne, “We can move beyond our current limitation. It will take new ways of thinking and new behaviors to accomplish this.”
Jeanne’s book asks the hard questions and brings a fresh look at our individual and collective problems. The title, Fractured Reality was chosen to signify our current state of affairs.

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