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MemberAnte Lauc
TitleAUTOPOIESIS from my point of view
DescriptionI would like to present the results of the conducted research in the scientific
project "Synergy of human, physical and financial capital for autopoietic
development in RH," approved by the Ministry of Education and Sports of the
Republic of Croatia, as well as models and hypotheses on which we have
designed strategy for our society.
Variance of social development can be explained by the equation:
Y = ax1 + bx2 + CX3 + dx4 + ex5 + fx6,
where Y is an expression of full development, the coefficients af are the weights
of independent variables, with the moral capital (motivation of employees) x1, x2
is intellectual capital ( knowledge and skills of employees), social capital (human
relationships) x3, x4 for physical capital ( technical equipment), financial capital
is x5 and x6 is environment of observation system. The relationship of these
coefficients as follows:
a> b> c> d> e> f
With existing human, physical and financial resources, our research has
shown that RH should have gross domestic product almost twice the
current level. In this project we propose that in a short period of time (3-5
years) with increased motivation for work, higher knowledge level and
organization capabilities, it is possible that wages could be two or three
times higher.
The last research, we have conducted on a sample of 52 countries, with
new data for year 2008, showed that the coefficients are in accordance
with our expectations (Ante Lauc; Metodologija društvenih znanosti,
Osijek, 2000) :
a > b > c.
The variance of GDP per capita countries in the world, or the degree of
development of countries is explained over 90% (R square coefficient is
0.92) with human capital (moral, intellectual, and social).
We got the equation:
The greatest impact on GDP per capita for these countries has the moral
capital (in the matrix of linear correlation coefficient is 0.91, in a multiple
linear correlation „a“ coefficient is 1895), then the intellectual capital (in
the matrix of linear correlation coefficient is 0.88, in a multiple linear
correlation „b“ coefficient is 219) and, finally, social capital (in the matrix
of linear correlation coefficient is 0.55, in a multiple linear correlation „c“
coefficient is 89).
Every one of us personally, especially the managers in the economy and
politics, as soon as possible should become the masters in the theory of
motivation, learning the relevant knowledge and creating team
We could create a rich, happy, and free RH, but it requires the
engagement of every individual, regardless of the job done. Human
development will result in organizational, economic and cultural
development of the whole community. It is important to develop a shared
vision and learning organization (according to Peter Senge) , which
constantly need reprocessing and restructuring elements and relations
within autopoietic entities and creating something better (need for good),
more knowledgeable (need for truth) and on higher cultural level (need
for beauty) than it was in previous iteration.
Network of all teams from the institutions of local self-government
(territorial) and business (functional) to the level of the state ( the
ministries and parliament ) through autopoietic theory and technology will
bring us to the permanent synthesis. Responsible people in government
and parliament must recognize what is the basis for a much larger
investment in the development of human potential of the Republic of
Croatia, and it should be a priority in the development strategies.
The causes of economic, legal, and political problems are in the processes
of investing primarily in physical capital instead into people, from which it
follows that we must reverse the cycle and invest primarily in people who
will owing to it develop their motivation and the relevant level of
knowledge and contribute to overall progress, as seen from the following
Drivers of development should be the fittest and the most honest individuals and
companies (they are located in quadrant B). If a critical mass of B people do not
support this approach, but C players are still better self-organized and
developmentally incompetent, RH will as a society and the state continues to
falter and stagnate.
From the current allopoietic paradigm of the social sciences we can not achieve
autopoietic development, but with postmodern knowledge of the biosphere,
noosfere, psychosfere and tehnosfere we can create new paradigms (selforganization
theory, fractal theory, the theory of deterministic chaos and theory
of autopoiesis) it is possible to create it.
To achieve autopoietic society we need a network of project teams in companies
and public institutions. Interdisciplinary teams should be composed of engineers
(physical capital), economists (financial capital) and lawyers (human capital).
Other professionals (psychologist, sociologist etc.) should contribute in a way that
will lead to honest, intelligent and beautiful solution. For this we need a digital
learning, where all the best in physics, chemistry, biology, philosophy,
psychology, engineering, economics, law, political science and art will be
transparent in sound, pictures, movies, and text over the Internet (see Global
Autopoietic University - GAU). The next graph through links will be developed and
help anyone, anywhere, anytime to learn to live in LOVE and FREEDOM.

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