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TitleJesus Christ in 21st Century - Kindle edition
DescriptionWe are humans and know what we know. And, we also know a bit of what we do not know. But we have no inkling of the immensity of that which we yet do not know. We have a tool, called Mind. It is superb in its depth and reach. History of humanity is the history of the evolution of this tool and of the material factors that made this evolution possible.

Today's glittering civilization is founded and maintained solely on the strength of this tool and its yield, called Science. Because of this tool Science has a self-correcting ability and capacity to moving ahead into the unknown realms of reality. This process is prospectively un-ending in its working, of course prospective till we desist from destroying ourselves by mass annihilating weapons that we possess today and till we allow ourselves to survive and prosper.

We have the history of this process going on at least for the past ten thousand years. But do we have any idea of the future course and direction this process would follow? A common sense approach tells us that this ten-thousand-years span of time would not be the entire run of this tool's evolutionary process. We also know this much enough today that when we put this ten thousand-years period in the perspective of Nature's known time-scale, this duration is infinitesimal; it is not more than a wink of Nature.

This book takes a look at the past and the future of this process, in the context of this tool - Mind.

In this endeavor, human Mind also gets assigned its 'real' place of value, a value that is not greatly high. But still this tool has a significant worth for humans. It is so not because this tool is having any great capabilities in exploring the unknown but because ordinary humans have no other better tool at their disposal to fall back upon in their pursuit.

From this vintage point and in the light of an ill-illumination provided by this poor tool, this book examines Jesus Christ and his teachings.

But in examining a person like Jesus Christ - one of the great leaders of Mankind - a Pandora's Box is opened and a whole lot of questions of fundamental importance to humanity come to the fore crying for our attention. They no longer remain confined to Physics, Chemistry et al, whose avowed sole business is to uncover the Truth - the truth of every thing. And, these questions do not stop at the settlement of the questions like created - or Designed - universe versus an evolved universe and to the questions of morality arising out the two competing views.

These questions range from these concerns to the concerns of society and its economics and politics, which are a taboo in our age of the separation of state and religion.

Thus, in its chartered course, the book takes the reader systematically from the frontiers of modern science to a point where it borders with an unknown province of reality with a secret gate opening to a whole lot of occult worlds.

The penetrating depth of thoughts presented in this book is such that even the persons engaged in scientific studies may occasionally get an opening and light on the dead-end of their labors. These thoughts will prompt avowed rationalists to think beyond their long-held positions. This book will cajole them to once again examine their positions and those positions' validity.

Indeed, this book may be called the Bible of Rational Age.
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