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MemberShreepal Singh
TitleTrue Story of Secret India - Kindle edition
DescriptionSecret India is a tiny sacred corner on Earth where a section of humanity detached from the tumultuous world and its endowed concerns is relentlessly pursuing since ages the secret dimensions of human consciousness and what lies beyond. In turn, this India has been realizing and living a state of that consciousness wherein the science, its laws and explanations are paled into insignificance. The life of individuals realized in that state of human consciousness is not confined to their ‘subjective’ way of thinking; they live a life that is ‘objective’ and is open to us all and our science for scrutiny and judgment; though most of us pay no attention to them and our science dares not to confront their deeds. Such individuals fly in the air; make them physically present at the same moment at different geographical locations; become dead (in the judgment of medical science) voluntarily for several days and months and come to life again; make them die and then ‘enter’ themselves into the physical body of somebody else who had naturally died recently; foretell the coming events; make a dead person alive again; command the poison injected into the body of a person by snake to ‘get away’ and thus save that person; and many more such incredible things. We term them miracles. Such things are mystic to mind and we do not put faith in them. But, are real events like all else that we witness in our day today life? Why our science does not investigate their truth or falsehood? We have fairly developed science today at our command. What is the validity of such ‘state of human consciousness’ and the bizarre deeds associated with the persons claiming to have ‘realized’ that state of consciousness? This book is about such India.


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