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TitleSri Sita Ramanjaneya Samvadam
DescriptionIndia is renowned as a land of yogis; many yogis of the yore have penned down very valuable works on various yogic systems and practices for the benefit of future practitioners. Though a good number of such works are popular and widely known, still there remain considerable number of works which are obscure either due to their being written in vernacular languages or due to their prevalence only in their respective cults and school.

One such significant treatise on yoga which remained much out of sight of aficionados of yoga world over but which exhaustively describes the yogic experiences vividly and which presents the tenets of Sāmkhya, Vedānta and other schools of Indian philosophy lucidly is a rare work by name “Sri Sita Rāmānjanéya Samvādam”, written in a south Indian vernacular language Telugu.

Sri Sita Rāmānjanéya Samvādam is an elaboration of a brief discourse found in Brahmānda purāna. It was written by an accomplished Yogi poet Sri Parasurāmapantula Lingamürthi Gurumürthi who lived for 97 years, over two hundred years ago. The treatise is divided into three sections - Tāraka yoga, Sāmkhya yoga and Amanaska Yoga being their respective titles.
PublisherViViDhaTa Research & Training Centre 

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