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MemberAainaa Ridtz A R
TitleThe Sacred Key - Transcending Humanity
DescriptionReading The Universe Within:

We think that the body does not age; yet our skins and cells change more often than when we make time to contemplate therein the world we live without.

The fabric of society need to be doused with Love, that very innate spark within, and with it integrity and responsibility will arise, yet we often times overlook and burn the bridges within, without so much as considering the outcome in the apparent world. Attaining to the Self, and reverting to the Source within will not only save the contemplative being but grant it freedom beyond any measure, transcending the worlds as revealed therein The Sacred Key — Transcending Humanity written by insightful award-winning writer, AainaA-Ridtz through her experience from an early age.

Unfortunately we live in a future where the very present moment is annihilated in a heartbeat due to our not making time to scrutinize our very reality within as a collective, and why our worlds vitiate instead of ascending beyond dimensions. Instead we have contentedly and comfortably allowed our yesterdays to be viciously conceived by societies held-upon the pedestals of history.

A percentage of the sale of The Sacred Key — Transcending Humanity will go to a newly setup Children's Fund in supporting its Care & Eduational activities worldwide. Non-profits and NGOs wanting to leverage The Sacred Key — Transcending Humanity for their efforts in raising funds, please contact us directly. Discounts are available.  
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