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MemberSteve Bohlert / Subal Das
TitleUniversalist Radha-Krishnaism: The Way of Natural Devotion; A Practitioner’s Handbook
DescriptionUniversalist Radha-Krishnaism: The Way of Natural Devotion; A Practitioner’s Handbook clearly and concisely reveals the esoteric meditative process of participating in Radha-Krishna’s transcendental play. It includes historical and theological grounding along with instructions for the devotional yoga practice of creating an eternal, individual identity. Fully rewritten since the first edition, this edition offers seventy pages of new material that provides initiation and resources for the practice of amorous natural devotion. These teachings are addressed to western readers who need no prior knowledge of the subject to begin the path to full God-dess realization and increase their enjoyment in this life and the next.


"Amorous spirituality may seem revolutionary, but it has a long and varied history. Universalist Radha-Krishnaism reintroduces it to enrich people’s lives. Those repressed by centuries of sex-negativity may think it a huge leap, but it is well worth the effort to become whole.

"Natural devotees integrate the needs of body, mind, and spirit. They realize the interconnectedness of all existence. Practitioners bridge the gap between sacred and profane, thus healing themselves and potentially healing society as more people become whole. By transforming themselves, people transform society. (23)"

About the Book

Spiritual teacher, Steve Bohlert (Subal Das) redefines Radha-Krishna devotion for western seekers. His Universalist Radha-Krishnaism: The Way of Natural Devotion; A Practitioner’s Handbook offers the wisdom gained from a lifetime of spiritual teaching and practice in multicultural, interfaith contexts. Bohlert presents a complete philosophical system along with spiritual practices that readers can incorporate into their daily lives to develop devotion to Radha-Krishna, the Divine Couple.

In today’s troubled times, many people thirst for self-knowledge and a sense of interconnection with God-dess and all creation. They hunger for higher purpose and meaning in life. This book speaks to them.

Universalist Radha-Krishnaism: The Way of Natural Devotion; A Practitioner’s Handbook offers:
• A practical spirituality that readers may harmoniously practice in their current life situations.
• A vision of eternal spiritual life as an intimate associate of Radha-Krishna as well as the means to actualize it.
• An affirmation of God-dess’ loving presence permeating this life with goodness and grace.
• A philosophical basis and practices that allow readers to begin the way of natural devotion.
• A dynamic faith that encourages liberty of thought and practice.

Realizing the individual spirit related to God-dess and the world through divine love leads to a sense of interconnectedness with all existence--both material and spiritual. A heightened sense of enjoyment naturally develops from this awareness.

To produce these favorable results, Bohlert--
• Uses language and ideas consistent with progressive, western thought.
• Highlights the essential teachings without unnecessary Indian cultural externals.
• Draws from the best interfaith sources and offers a core wisdom teaching.
PublisherSky River Press 

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