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TitlePLASMA VISION OF THE UNIVERSE-1993-Vidyardhi Nanduri
DescriptionDescription: Plasma Vision of the Universe (1993) Copy rights USA TXU 729-718,By Vidyardhi Nanduri
PLASMA VISION OF THE UNIVERSE-1993-Vidyardhi Nanduri-ISBN-978-1-105-06357-2
A Scientific approach towards Seven Dimensional Model of Plasma Electro-Magnetic Universe.
SUBJECTS: Plasma Science: Introduction from Laboratory to Space Plasmas Present day Universe:
overall picture by space Scientists Electro-Magnetic Fields: Frequencies, effects on Man, Environment Plasma Vision:
New approach to Higher Dimensional Knowledge Over all View: Plasma Electro-Magnetic Universe and Bio-Energy (AURA)
more information to Scientists, Philosophers and others for comprehension, Vision and perception of the Universe.
Plasma Vision of the Universe helps Cosmology Revision from particle physics and Singularity. Desirable Interaction:
space-Plasmas, Cosmology. Nobel laureate Alfven opened up new frontiers that cover even presentday SOHo-NASA-SDO and
ESA data .Questions Big-Bang and Evolution groups.Introduces new concepts to Total Energy Theory and Cosmic Vision.
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DR Vidyardhi Nanduri,Sree Sai Nilayam, 3, Vikaspuri, Hyderabad-500038-INDIA Ph 91-40-23811216 /1-630-364-3917 
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