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TitleRESET by Marian Evans
Description“. . . haunting and visionary work with remarkable illustrations.”

Laurentia, 2112. Filled with the desperate hope of freedom, driven by the fear that her own platoon may be hunting her, Willow soon comes to learn that none can outrun the greatest catastrophe the world will ever know---killer comet, El Vaca. She finds herself as the sole survivor for a second time, but can she finally outrun her past? A magical and harrowing adventure awaits.

Forbidden mysteries come to light, as a daring vision of Man's possible future unfolds on Earth's distant twin sister Aerda. With "let the end begin," on the lips of so many, this tale takes the view that the ending is just another beginning. Our heroine sees a magical new world born out of the ashes of the old, but wonders, "is there a place in it for me?"

Follow Willow on the adventure to begin and end all others–across the vast frozen north, the desperate sojourn south, and the forgotten voyage to the mythical island of the Far Seers. If the background looks strangely dangerous and familiar, maybe it is.
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