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25 Mar 2016 @ 17:06, by celestial

A Tale of Pride...and of One Faith.

The Rock and One Tiny Seed;

A bird flew by and dropped a seed,
It seemed to me a flippant deed;
It fell upon the shoulder
Of one gigantic boulder
(About the size of me).

Now that rock exclaimed,
Quite defiantly,
“Surely, one so small and tiny as thee
Cannot crack someone as big as me.”

But the wind, like a gardener, tended the seed;
It sprinkled some dust, and water too,
Shielded it with clouds, warmed it with rays,
Then said to the seed, “Won’t you come out and play?”
So the seed sprang forth and became a young sprout.

The wind sent more water, which found a wee crack;
Then the wind said to the sprout, “Won’t you follow its track?”
The sprout sent its root the crack to see;
Then said in its heart, “This is home for me.”
“I need more room; this crack is too small;
I want to grow up, real big and real tall.”

The point of its roots, like finger tips,
Pierced the crack and gained its grip;
It heaved and hoed and pushed and pressed
And like a wave, with each high crest.
Divided that rock in two, til it came to rest.

Its heart now broken, a small boulder of two,
Surrendered, defeated, all broken, and blue.
For it had said, in its heart of hearts,
“That tiny seed can’t break me apart!”

Daniel Paul Tibbs
July 22, 1998
Inspired during a hike on the Island of Kauai, Hawaii.

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