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picture21 Jun 2003 @ 13:07, by Max Sandor

Awo Fajare (Mauricio de Luna) is granddaddy now. The lucky one entered this world June 19, 2003 at 12:50pm (during lunchtime). He will be called Gabriel.

Send congrats to: !!


Dilma wrote: Salve Maurício!!!

...e me diga lá qual é a sensação de ser avô ? Parabens meu querido , que o Gabriel traga todas as bençãos do Grande Espírito para toda a sua família, aho!!

E parabens tambem por essa mais nova e poderosa conquista em sua vida espiritual principalmente. Tenho certeza que a egrégora de IFA está festejando essa nova aquisição tupiniquim com muito orgulho. Grande sorte,bençãos e beijo no coração, Dilma.

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21 Jun 2003 @ 13:21 by sindy @ : Welcome to NCN
Greetings angel thanks for sharing with us your light around ncn, hope you meet with the other hearts here soon, am on the outside presently so i will not be able to see your profile to send you gifts, but never the less may your day be pleasant and warm sunshines... peace* fiah  

21 Jun 2003 @ 18:08 by spiritseek : Congradualations
and welcome to NCN. Its great being a grandparent, I have 5 and 2 step grandchildren.  

23 Jun 2003 @ 07:49 by Mauricio - Fajare @ : Born in Brazil - ashé
Gabriel and its family thank to the affection and the love of its new friends.
Informs that soon it goes to order photos :-)
Blessings and luck
Mauricio - Fajare  

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