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 Acara-Je: The Ultimate Food for Gods and Men (see Video!!)3 comments
picture23 Jun 2003 @ 08:09, by Max Sandor

Now everybody wants to know what Acara-Je means.
OK, OK..
Real Bloggers don't eat Quiche!!!!

They eat...

Acara-Je !!!

This the Brazilian name for Yoruba "Akara Ji Je", which is the super nutrition for Gods (and Men) since the creation of this Universe.

Look at the video to have an impression:
[link] (71kB)
(made June 15th in Ipiranga, where else??)

Rough translation of Heloisa's chant:
"Everybody loves Akara-Je, but it's a lot of work...".

That's not quite true anymore since it's available now as a ready-mix. At least in some stores in Brazil...

PS: Heloisa can sing even more beautifully.. check out [link] for some samples and/or ordering the "Shango Overdrive" CD...

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2 Jul 2003 @ 06:04 by scotty : hhhmm - sure sounds tastey !

here's the recipe...  

2 Jul 2003 @ 06:23 by mx @ : the secret is in the spicing..
Hi Scotty, the recipe you point to doesn't quite cut it, sorry. If one needs a 'spread' to choke it down, the acara themselves weren't done right. For lack of the right kind of fresh spices here in LA, I use 'Cica' molho de pimenta from Kitanda on Ventura Blvd, see
That's for the spicing of the 'massa' (the stuff you make the acara from).  

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