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 Vernonia: Weed, Medicine, or Future Crop ?3 comments
picture27 Jun 2003 @ 16:13, by Max Sandor

A plant which can be found quite often at the wayside in California is the genus Vernonia (of which over 1000 species exist).

Most people think it's a weed but animals use it for self-medication...

(see [link] ) and some scientists think it may become a crop in the future. (see links at [link] )

At the side is a picture of a Vernonia Amygdalana in my own garden.

In the Yoruba tradition and in Brazil it is used as a powerful plant for an amazing number of purposes. It is called Eruwo (Yoruba) or Alunã (Portuguese) and every part of the plant has some different applications. So we can add some magical qualities to this plant as well ;-)

One thing seems clear: for nature, weeds don't exist a priori, hehe... (except the human species, perhaps)...

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28 Jun 2003 @ 03:39 by istvan : WERY GOOD OBSERVATION.
To me it seems-human beings also- like weeds- are many species. The oneness we waste so much time to ponder and act upon is nay but desire and method to conquer the resources of the environment more efficiently. As the weeds prosper by developing tricks to prosper, so do species of humans develop thorns, poisons, more efficient wys to engulf other life forms to deprive them from sunlight for their own use and stifle the defenselrss ones, no metter how beautiful they might be or how much they too have a right to exist.
This is exactly the way past and current civilisations exist." To be or not to be" might be the question.
Now, aside of ranting, i would like to know more about this plant and will do some research.I do not cut my grass so i probably already have it on my lawn.  

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