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picture30 Jun 2003 @ 16:29, by Max Sandor

If you understand what it means to be effortless, then there is nothing you cannot do. You can be yin or yang, hard or soft, short or long, round or square...By knowing and doingnothing, you can know all and do all.

If you do not know how to keep still in this crazy world, you will be drawn into all kinds of unnecessary trouble. You will lose your view of the Way, and, when you realize it, it will be too late, for in losing the Way, you have also lost yourself.

When something grows, something else will decay. When something disappears, something else emerges. This is the balance of things. If there is only growth and no decay, the world will be overpopulated, be it with people, animals, or vegetation. If there is only decay and no growth, life will disappear. For the world to continue there must be a balance of growth and decay.

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11 Aug 2003 @ 06:11 by Ingrid von der Behrens @ : Lieh Tzu
how fast the socalled "good" can become "bad" and "bad" can become "good", so that in reality there is no good or bad ....
Lieh Tzu tells a little story of a poor old man, who lives with his son on
a mountain. He owned a horse which one day ran away. And the neighbours came to show their sympathy because of the loss. "Why do you believe this is bad luck?"
the old man asked. Later the horse came back with several wild horses. And this time the neighbours came to congretulate him. "Why do you believe, that this is
luck?" he asked. After they now had several horses the son started to ride. The result was, that he broke a leg. Again the neighbours came to show sympathy and
again the old man asked them why that should be bad luck. Then in the following
year there came a war and the son could not go to that war because he was lame ...  

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