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 What's in a name? the origin of the word 'Didgeridoo' (incl.sound)2 comments
picture2 Jul 2003 @ 14:40, by Max Sandor

'Didgeridoo' is a strange name for an even stranger instrument.

Here is the story of how it was named:

Some hundred years ago or so, when the first Euro-settlers roamed the Australian continent, a bunch of missionaries (or British ex-convicts, who can tell...) encountered a tribe of aborigines.

They heard a strange sound, the sound of a didgeridoo. Unable to communicate with the aborigines, they called the instrument after the first part of the melody they heard when they first arrived. Hear the melody here!

So far so good. But what usually isn't told is what the melody actually means. According to my sources, the melody is a warning signal for the tribe and all its neighbors, saying: "Attention All, some weird bozos arrived!"

Hahaha. Don't know if it's true but that's what I heard. mx PS: the thing next to the didgeridoo is called a Berimbau. From Brasil..

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9 Feb 2005 @ 03:19 by Rauli from Finland @ : Etymology of the australian "didgeridoo"
or tells the origin, "trumpeter black" or "trumpeter native"  

18 Feb 2009 @ 23:31 by mx @ : stories of origins
Rauli, if you listen to the sound (even a crummy recording) and given that my info is from someone who lived there for some years with a tribe of the aborigines, the above story makes more sense to me than a whole page of academic speculations ;-) at the least, it's more funny and more to the point..
but most importantly, it is a gift to mankind, the didgeridoo itself, I mean.  

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