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picture6 Jul 2003 @ 17:12, by Max Sandor

From Nietsche and Wittgenstein back to the Indian Gurus:

From the preface to "The Samkhya Philosophy" by Nandala Sinha, a book that sums it pretty much up on 700+ pages:

"The first and foremost amongst these [the cardinal doctrines of the Samkkhya School-mx] is the Sat-Karya-Siddhanta or the Established Tenet of Existent Effect. It is is the Law of the Identity of Cause and Effect:

what is called cause is the unmanifested state of what is called the effect, and what is called the effect is only the manifested state of what is called the cause; their substance is one of the same; differences of manifestation and non-manifestation give rise to distinction of Cause and Effect. The effect, therefore, is never non-existent; whether before its production, or whether after its destruction, is is always existent in the cause. For, nothing can come out of nothing, and nothing can altogether vanish out of existence." [p ii, Preface]

AND, (this one is for Ed!) on page v it says:

"The definition of Prakriti is that it is the state of equilibrium of Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas, called the Gunas. It is the genus of which the Gunas are the species. Their state of equilibrium is their latent, potential, or inactive state, the state of not being developed into effects. The Gunas are extremely fine substances and are respectively the principlles of illumination, evolution, and involution, and the causes of pleasure, pain, and dullness. For, Sattva is light and illuminating, Rajas is active and urgent, Tamas is heavy and enveloping. They are in eternal and indissouluble conjunction with one another, and, by nature, mutually overpower, support, produce, and intimately mix with, one another."

Well, and then, but hey, why am I typing all this ??? Ed, you have the book yourself, hehe..

One thing, lastly, that gave me a kick... page ix: "Purusha, on the other hand,is eternal consciousness undisturbed. Nothing can come into him, nothing can go out him; he is Kuta-stha, dwelling in the cave."

hehe... Aganyu and Yemonja as core-fractals of Purusha and Prakriti, down to the nicknames...(Prakriti is also called the ocean of life)...

cracks me up ;-)

nothing much about the disturbance of the original equilibrum, except a reference to the vibration theory (Spandana) which is merely some labeling void of explanation...

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12 Jul 2003 @ 01:12 by vaxen : qubit:
"Quantum computation occurs in cytoskeletal microtubules within the brains' neurons and links cognition with proto-conscious experience and Platonic values embedded in spacetime geometry."---Hameroff

The 'Hard Question?' ;)

"The mathematical wrapping of the microtubules' protein structure seems to map the fibonacci series."---Hentoff

(Hameroff and Penrose are, basically, the first to view 'microtubules' as quantum computers. 'Orch OR'--Orchestrated Objective Reduction.)

The 'qubit' is at once 0 and 1! The 'bit' is one or zero! ;)

The Global consciousness project...  

12 Jul 2003 @ 09:21 by mx @ : kewl stuff, vaxen!
I already blurbed out another round of Cause and Effect ramblings (# III, hehe), before I saw your comment, vaxen...

I was looking for something like that for a long time(as a measurement tool for our own efforts).

kewl, kewl, kewl

25 Jul 2003 @ 07:35 by Ed @ : that definition of prakriti
Max, please note that the definition on page v in the preface was written by Nandalal Sinha almost 90 years ago... 2600 years AFTER the gunas data was first written down by Kapila shortly after the written alphabet was introduced to India around 700 BCE.

There is just no way I will accept Sinha's definition; he's just too late on the scene. We both know how philosophies and religions degenerate over time. The idea that Sinha has it correct is absurd. My take on Samkhya is that it suffers from the same loss of understandings and distortions / alterations of technique which plagues Buddhism.

Yes I have the book. I have the book because I borrowed your copy for a while and saw that it contained the original (we hope, heh heh) sanskrit in devangari alphabet, the sanskrit in roman alphabet, and then translation into english of the sanskrit words. Then a commentary.

To hell with the commentary. Sinha is high; he's on drugs, so to speak. He hasn't a fucking clue. (Case in point: he copies everyone else's mistakes on the words akasha and dukkha) No one in India after maybe 200 AD should be paid any attention whatsoever when they refer to the old texts. They all misdefine the crucial words so badly it's horrifying.

The important thing is that Kapila's original words are preserved, and translated in that book into Roman letters which I can understand. And can retranslate using good dictionaries. That's why I have the book. Screw reading Sinha; read Kapila.

Affectionately if slightly acidly,

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