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picture7 Jul 2003 @ 14:36, by Max Sandor

Robert Anton Wilson said about this book: "...In a time of rising rage and terror, we need this as badly as a city with the plague needs vaccines and antibiotics. If I had the money I'd send a copy to every delegate at the UN." —Robert Anton Wilson, Author of TSOG: The Thing That Ate The Constitution

Well, if I had the money, I would put one of Bruce's other books in the parcel, "Drive yourself Sane".

Bruce and I have been inspiring each other for quite some time in weekly meetings. His books contain so many brilliant insights, I wouldn't know where to start if I would quote.

Look at the table of contents and the first chapter of the book: "The Present Mess" here !

Yet there is just one 'little' problem. Which is (in his own words): "Can we humans refine our everyday thinking-feeling in those areas of life such as personal decision-making, ethics and politics which have traditionally been seen as the proper sphere, not of scientific inquiry, but of dogmatic belief? What might result from daring to inquire into these areas still considered by many to be outside the bounds of a scientific attitude?"

I would put more 'down to earth': you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. Or, for proverb-challenged people: "you can give a man one of Bruce's books but you can't make him read."

In any case, it always brightens my day when I am being reminded that THERE IS GOOD STUFF OUT THERE !!!!

Go, Bruce, Go!!! :-)

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8 Jul 2003 @ 06:50 by istvan : Inquery
I am really surprised no one picked up on the possible value presented in this book as a tool for continuing toward our however hidden purpose of envisioning New Civilisations.  

8 Jul 2003 @ 09:47 by mx @ : it just came out..
Zendancer, give it a little time.. it just came out.. the last newciv salon I remember (on my birthday) last year in Malibu, Bruce was there and had a table out. but this particular book wasn't ready until this spring..

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