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picture13 Jul 2003 @ 12:41, by Max Sandor

Ed, the greatest pun(k) sage & philosopher known to me, or should I say 'the sagey pun(k)ster'?, help me out here Ed.., anyway, we talked about 'tanha', the Pali (Buddhist) word for what is commonly translated as 'desire' (yet another one of these words that should be left untranslated, really!).

We talked about the reverse flow of tanha, a phenomenon that I labeled 'backdraft' some years ago, and...

...what else can you expect, a new word was created: ahnat (which for the pun-challenged is 'tanha' spelled backwards).

Somehow I keep saying and writing atanh. It reminds me a bit of the 'arcus tangens hyperbolicus'; I used to write it as atanh back in the old days when I tried to solve arrays of differential equations on a DEC PDP-11. Perhaps I still have the same confusions I had back then.

But today, especially today, I am missing the steady stream of icecold air coming from the special airconditioning we had to install back then. Nowadays, any pocket calculator is more advanced, but you can't just get that thermo-factor out of them. It's only noon here in Tujunga and it already hit the 100's in the shade of the Sandorian Grove (Euros: 100 F is about 37 degrees Celsius).

Anyway, instead of thousand words, I made one little picture..

The Tao symbol refers to the 4-fold structure of a goal (any and all goals, that is). The arrows indicate the flow for Merging (Discharge) Cycle, right??

Oooops... I boobooed... what phase is it in really?

Anyway, with this simple model at hand we can more easily demonstrate all the things that can go wrong in Life, Universe, and Everything... which pretty much sums it up..

Theoretically, a much better model would be 3-D or even 4D. See Die Banchoff-Kleinsche Flasche (in German). But, hey, let's take one step at the time..

And, yes, I will explain the 'bread of shame' paradigm with this explicitly, but now I need to go back into the pool..

c u


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18 Jul 2003 @ 03:05 by Bernard Wisser @ : Tell me about impulses and etc.
What a stoned rap...I appreciate it...being a buddhish ex-psychodelic navigator, ex-philosopher, -ex shrink.... give my regards to your hummingbirds, tell them I hear them in my head even in the distant land of the Netherlands, and check out my newslog today....Son of .... Hodgepodgeblodg...there is stuff in it about time, painting, and self...that you might be better at elaborating on than me....
Blessings...from me Bernard Dov...hope the swim was good!  

18 Jul 2003 @ 03:11 by Bernard Wisser @ : Wrong Link Above

19 Jul 2003 @ 00:48 by vaxen : Myo Ho!
"This is a powerful concept: that a handful of images can shape the self-identity of a person, a group, a society, a culture."


19 Jul 2003 @ 00:57 by vaxen : and...
Semiotic Alphabet:

"Green wavelengths are the baseline color of the 2-D to 3-D transformation of visual reality into the semiotic images of mind."

"In area 17, noise is reduced, signal is enhanced, and an exact 2-D topological laydown of objects from the real world are put down in a map grid of exactly what the eye is sensing.
Area 18 begins the conversion, using similar cerebral cortex structures to those found in Broca-Wernicke, and other parts of the brain, of the 2-D information into the 3-D semiotic mental representations that then spread lissajous-like dispersion patterns throughout the rest of the brain."

Link ibid., above.


23 Jul 2003 @ 14:45 by mx @ : Bernard, great art pieces :-)
cool stuff!!  

24 Jul 2003 @ 15:13 by waalstraat : Thank Max...
I'm one of your you must be cool, my man  

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